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MediaTrends by Media Markt
MediaTrends is the technology blog by Media Markt Spain. It covers technology trends, entertainment, electronics, lifestyles and more. With this design it evolves from a classic blog format to a more varied editorial user experience.
July, 2016
Inner. Meditation App
INNER is a mobile app that helps you meditate every day through habit-forming technology patterns, external triggers and rewards.
July, 2015
LeMariage.ma is the portal that allows the bride & groom finding information related to the organization of their future wedding.
March, 2016
ESERP Business School
ESERP Business School is an institution of prestige, both nationally and internationally, which provides university level education. The aim of redesigning ESERP website was to improve navigation, usability & visual design.
July, 2016
AXA Retirement Planning
A human-centered experience for a “retirement” product. Only by making tangible the concept of “future”, users will visualize the product and therefore convert to purchase.
May, 2015
Gastroranking is the biggest comparer of restaurants. The web portal, first aired in 2013, needed a redesign to improve usability & credibility.
April, 2016
Open Platforms Website Proposal
With the ambitious goal of opening the banking outside the bank, BBVA needed an online space to teach and inspire developers about their public APIs.
July, 2015
Coca-Cola Preguntas y Respuestas
A Coca-Cola platform to listen and answer to consumer questions with the best experience for the user and the brand.
March, 2015
Nextinit Mobile App
Nextinit is a powerful tool for promoting innovation inside big companys. It aims to serve as a tool for employees to improve their company through their own ideas.
April, 2014
L'Oreal Paris · Spain Mobile Website
L'Oréal Paris (Spain) mobile responsive website for smartphones & tablets.
September, 2013
COINC Mobile app
COINC was born as a goal-oriented savings service for a young audience, with a simple, fun and highly functional design. The mobile application interface follows the style already defined in the website, a natural and original way to interact and navigate.
February, 2014
Clínica Universidad de Navarra
Clínica Universidad de Navarra is one of the best private hospitals in Spain. Its fundamental goal is the entirely personal and compassionate patient care. The new website design should convey this focus on humane treatment through image, color and language.
December, 2013
SIGRE Website
SIGRE Medicamento y Medio Ambiente guarantees proper environmental management of medicinal packaging and unused household medicines. The aim of redesigning SIGRE website was to improve their image and make their content more informative and accessible for the general population.
December, 2013
Built on crowdsourcing and gamification principles, Nextinit is a powerful tool for promoting innovation inside big companys. This technological platform is based on Open Innovation, Collective IQ, Collaborative Economy and Crowdsourcing principles. It aims to serve as a tool for employees to improve their company through their own ideas for growth, new business opportunities, services, products, internal improvements, etc.
July, 2013
IE YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel design to show how IE students forge a global network of professional contacts.
May, 2013
Insighter (concept iPad app)
Concept to redesign an internal Nurun tool as iPad app. Insighter would let users discover "insights" about a certain topic through people's opinions in Twitter. Search, group results as desired and visualize them in several graphic ways.
March, 2013
Replay Website
Diseño de la interfaz visual y desarrollo de plantillas del portal de vídeo Replay. Este ha sido un proyecto muy divertido ya que al ser una web orientada a un público infantil me ha permitido utilizar un estilo de diseño desenfadado y una paleta de colores muy llamativa. Para la organización de los distintos contenidos (vídeos por series, más vistos, contenidos relacionados, etc.) desarrollé una serie de personajes/iconos que "acompañan" al usuario a lo largo del portal. replay.disneychannel.es
October, 2011
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